Upcoming Events


MARCH 2016
2-Day Cine School
“”How To Create a Hollywood Look on Any Budget””
Thursday, March 17 – Friday, March 18 (info and RSVP here)

APRIL 2016
Avatar Studios – Tour
Wednesday, April 6: 6:30pm-9pm (info and RSVP here)

MAY 2016
details coming soon

JUNE 2016
details coming soon

JULY 2016
details coming soon


All the upcoming dates have not been set yet, but some of our Gatherings are going to include:

•  Ironman Sound Industries


  • Sound Engineering – on location, in studio, and post-production
  • Working with Casting Directors and Talent Agencies
  • Locations – we’ll check out some cool ones available around town
  • Closed Captioning -why, when, and how to get it
  • Music and Music Rights
  • Actors – where to find the best ones for your project, how to work with them
  • LA vs. St. Louis
  • Visit a set while a production is being filmed
  • St. Louis International Film Festival, 48 Hour Film Project, St. Louis Filmmakers Showcase – we’ll go to films and cheer on the filmmakers in and from the area while we watch their projects on the Big Screen!
  • Legislation – we’ll keep up on what is happening in Jeff City regarding Film Tax Credits and production in the state.
  • Film Funding – let’s meet the folks who can help you get the money for your project.
  • Camera “Shoot Out” – latest technology and which camera is right for your project.
  • Production Assistant Class
  • Studio Space tours
  • AND MORE….

Plus, we’ll be having 1/2 day and day-long seminars on specific topics.

To see other meetings we have held, see our Past Events page.

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