Upcoming Events


June 2018
Studio Tour
Streetscape Studios
Date: June 5, 2018  6:30pm – 8:30pm
Cost: $5
Tickets: RSVP Here



All the upcoming dates have not been set yet, but some of our Gatherings are going to include:

•  Ironman Sound Industries
• Lifetime Media Studios
• Production Support Services


  • Sound Engineering – on location, in studio, and post-production
  • Working with Casting Directors and Talent Agencies
  • Locations – we’ll check out some cool ones available around town
  • Closed Captioning -why, when, and how to get it
  • Music and Music Rights
  • Actors – where to find the best ones for your project, how to work with them
  • LA vs. St. Louis
  • Visit a set while a production is being filmed
  • St. Louis International Film Festival, 48 Hour Film Project, St. Louis Filmmakers Showcase – we’ll go to films and cheer on the filmmakers in and from the area while we watch their projects on the Big Screen!
  • Legislation – we’ll keep up on what is happening in Jeff City regarding Film Tax Credits and production in the state.
  • Film Funding – let’s meet the folks who can help you get the money for your project.
  • Camera “Shoot Out” – latest technology and which camera is right for your project.
  • Production Assistant Class
  • Studio Space tours
  • AND MORE….

Plus, we’ll be having 1/2 day and day-long seminars on specific topics.

To see other meetings we have held, see our Past Events page.


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