St. Louis Filmmakers Showcase

Instead of having a formal gathering this month, let’s get out and support our fellow filmmakers at the Cinema St. Louis  St. Louis Filmmakers Showcase. Shorts Programs, Feature Films, Documentaries — it’s amazing how much film production happens in St. Louis. You can find the whole schedule HERE. Pick some films you plan on seeing, … More St. Louis Filmmakers Showcase


Five Tips for Marketing Your Movie (Before You Make It)

By Jason Brubaker If you’re like most filmmakers, you’re not thinking about marketing your movie. This is probably because you don’t yet have a movie. So why would you think about marketing your movie before you make it? But that thinking is lazy and wrong. You are creating a product. Your product is your movie. … More Five Tips for Marketing Your Movie (Before You Make It)

DeadPool made What?!

So… while I am at the office working tonight, Wyatt is out with the guys at the movies… (okay, that is unfair, because I actually had a Girl’s Day at the movies this afternoon..)  Anyway, the boys chose to see “Deadpool” tonight, which is just RAKING in the bucks… Now, that wouldn’t be all that surprising … More DeadPool made What?!