SmithLee Productions to Host February Gathering

FEBRUARY 2014 SmithLee Productions In February, we’ll be touring the audio studios of SmithLee Productions. Smith Lee has been in business for over 25 years. The nine-member team of award-winning professionals includes five staff audio engineers. SmithLee engineers share diverse backgrounds in broadcast, music, and theater, and work together to provide audio tracks that are … More SmithLee Productions to Host February Gathering

Film St. Louis: March Review

Fundraising for Your Film Wednesday, March 6, 2013 Café Ventana – Annex Money Money Money!! Money and how to get it was the topic of our March Gathering of Film St. Louis. Todd Matheny, Attorney, value-investor, aspiring programmer, guitarist, entrepreneur, film-fan, founder & CEO of Passerby was our guest speaker tonight. Passerby ( is a St. Louis-based, … More Film St. Louis: March Review

Gathering at Lumivid

“Absolute blast of a time over at LumiVid! Seeing the new facility and getting to know not just the great people there, but others in the film community locally was very enjoyable! The surprise with Cory as MJ in attendance was also awesome, and a great opportunity to see both his talents, and the production … More Gathering at Lumivid