DeadPool made What?!

So… while I am at the office working tonight, Wyatt is out with the guys at the movies… (okay, that is unfair, because I actually had a Girl’s Day at the movies this afternoon..)  Anyway, the boys chose to see “Deadpool” tonight, which is just RAKING in the bucks…

Now, that wouldn’t be all that surprising for opening weekend of a super hero film, but this is not your main stream superhero — (and Deadpool isn’t even a superhero! Technically) — this is a superhero film that Fox spent six years NOT making because they weren’t sure there was an audience. Frankly, I had never heard of Deadpool until I started making the rounds at Comic Book conventions with our films and wondered who the cosplay folks in black and red were supposed to be.  And I have still never seen a Deadpool comic book.

That being said, this R-rated, rude, ultra-violent film is slated to clear over $150 million this holiday weekend. That is a first for an R-rated film, and I believe it is a record for a February-released film.

Being a girl, I don’t think I am the target audience, but the dark humor of this film (and the dreamy Ryan Reynolds) now has me hoping that Wyatt will want to go see it again, this time with me!


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