Writing Wednesday 12.2.15



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4 thoughts on “Writing Wednesday 12.2.15

  1. As she opened her laptop to yet again check the Likes on her Facebook status, she realized that vanity may be creeping higher as her biggest sin. She skimmed through her “friends'” posts, images and words streaming down her screen, a waterfall of data. She stopped at a cartoon image of a dragon reading the newspaper with a snarky caption beneath it, “JK” in parentheses meant to soften the blow.

  2. 8:43 PM. The numbers glowed dimly on the screen of his phone before fading to black. Antony was glad to see that his battery was not dead just yet. He stuffed the phone in his pocket then glanced out from behind the waterfall, looking first up at the sky above him, then scanning the horizon carefully. He knew it was sheer luck to spot a pair of enemy scouts about 2 clicks away. He could see no dragons tonight though, and was thankful for that. Antony hated that nickname, which was used to describe the Mi-28NE helicopters that occasionally strafed his position, hoping that, by chance, they could strike an unseen target. The name was fitting though, given the disaster they wrought. He quickly ducked back into his hiding spot to alert command about the scouts. This was the worst part of his job, but the coded Facebook status update was the best way to communicate without drawing unwanted attention. Yet, despite the crumbling infrastructure, Internet communication was still relatively reliable. Grammar and punctuation were not his forte though. His updates always contained too many phrases in parentheses as he tried to avoid run-on sentences. They’re? Their? There? Whatever, they’ll figure it out, he thought. If he was going to be guilty of committing a sin, there were much worse things he could do than butcher a sentence.

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