New Star Wars Fan Film Released Online!

“Trinity” is a comedy-drama depicting a fictional meeting between Mark Hamill, Carrie Fisher, and Harrison Ford after they discover George Lucas’ plans to sell Lucasfilm to Disney.

When the news broke that there was going to be a new Star Wars film, writer/director Wyatt Weed thought, “Wow… I wonder what Harrison Ford thinks of this… can you imagine the conversation that he and Mark Hamill and Carrie Fisher must have had when they heard the news…”  and the script just flowed from there.

Produced by Pirate Pictures and Judee Sauget, Trinity stars Jay Kelley, Shawn Chevalier Wasson, and Wyatt Weed.

Like many filmmakers, Weed credits seeing “Star Wars” in a movie theatre in 1977 as the inspiration for him becoming a filmmaker. And like many geeks, he favors the original trilogy to the prequels.  He not only wrote and directed “Trinity,” but he also plays Harrison Ford in the film.

Jay Kelley, who plays Mark Hamill, actually has ties to the actor.  In the early 90s, Jay worked closely with Mark Hamill as his stand-in during the filming of  “The Guyver” as well as “The Flash.”

Shawn Chevalier Wasson (“Carrie Fisher“) is an actress in the St. Louis area and has worked with Wyatt on his recent feature film “Four Color Eulogy.”

Trinity is a fictional tribute and is not intended to depict actual events.


One thought on “New Star Wars Fan Film Released Online!

  1. I liked Cowboys vs. Aliens…and frankly…the acting was better than Star Wars Episode 1-3. Just sayin. lol

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