February Gathering at SmithLee Studios

SmithLee Productions

by Kriss Avery

“This one has about 92 audio tracks…” explained Chief Engineer Justin Fisher as he scrolled through layers of urban industrial sound effects. He muted the VO narration so we could better hear the soundscape he had created for a commercial spot (animated by C3 in Chicago for the Environmental Defense Fund).

Justin played other demos including full soundtracks for John Deere’s “Linked to the Land” special exhibit and the feature documentary about the 2011 Joplin tornado, “Deadline In Disaster” (music composed by Sandra Levy Smith), which won a 2013 regional Emmy.

The dozen attendees were taken on a tour of the 2-story Smith-Lee facility. Adjacent to Control A, Studio 2 was in the process of being renovated. This generated a lively discussion on acoustics and different ways to treat sound recording rooms: diffusion, bass traps, standing waves. Justin estimated SmithLee time is split 50/50 between corporate commercials and music production. Services and photos of the facility can be found online at:  www.smithlee.com and www.smithleestudios.com

Some of us adjourned to Tiffany’s Diner down the street for some follow-up networking.


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