Audio Tour at SmithLee Productions

SmithLee Productions

In February, we’ll be touring the audio studios of SmithLee Productions.

Smith Lee has been in business for over 25 years. The nine-member team of award-winning professionals includes five staff audio engineers. SmithLee engineers share diverse backgrounds in broadcast, music, and theater, and work together to provide audio tracks that are heard throughout the nation and the world.

Another reason for the company’s success has to do with the facility. Next to our ears, one of our most important tools is the actual acoustical environment in which we work. It helps us capture and shape the sounds that become our product. We had a lot of design consultation to help us plan what is now SmithLee. We have always been committed to providing the most technically advanced equipment affordable to this market.

SmithLee Productions
7420 Manchester Boulevard
Saint Louis, MO 63143

Tuesday, February 11


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