January Meeting at MX Movies

by Ashley Westbrook

Film St. Louis hosted “Wanna See Your Film on the Big Screen?!” on Jan. 29 at the MX Movies in downtown St. Louis. Charming directors, eager writers, and film enthusiasts were all in attendance waiting to share and learn vital film tips and guides for their future endeavors.

At 7PM nearly 20 attendees mingled over freshly-popped popcorn getting ready for the night’s events. As everyone settled, the group’s discussion ranged from movie theatre politics, how to get theatres to screen independent films, and St. Louis film makers formatting their script from the computer screen to the big screen.

Chris Bruemmer, the general manager at MX Movies, offered essential advice to those in the film industry. Bruemmer gave a tour of the 3-screened theatre showing guest the difference in screen size, seating, and the principles behind filling those seats with movie-goers.

Future events will be held by Film St. Louis such as “SmithLee Productions – Audio Tour” and “Sight & Sound Productions – Production Tour” which will be hosted in February and April.

For more information, please join Film St. Louis on MeetUp.Com, on Facebook, or join our mailing list on our website.


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