Gathering at Lumivid

Film Strip Film Industry Banner

“Absolute blast of a time over at LumiVid! Seeing the new facility and getting to know not just the great people there, but others in the film community locally was very enjoyable! The surprise with Cory as MJ in attendance was also awesome, and a great opportunity to see both his talents, and the production capabilities of the LumiVid folks in action!

I also really enjoyed getting to know the Webster students better, and hear about what they are working on, and their energy and enthusiasm for the field is very contagious to be sure!

Can’t wait until the next event!”  — Bob Greenfield

“Tonight was a success going to the film maker gathering and networking with people in the industry. It was also fun to be invited to ihop after the gathering to sit down and talk about film stuff!”    — Patrick Mahoney

“Let’s just put it this way I met the #1 impersonator for Michael Jackson and I sat around all night talking about filmmaking with people actually in the industry. Got some great networking contacts and a movie! Plus, I had iHop for the first time. Yeah, if you haven’t noticed my night was quite a success.”  — Parker Jesse Baugh


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